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About Us

A House of Peace Ministries is to restore the broken, revitalize the weary, and reconcile the divided in our community. We are committed to empowering families to lead the way to a complete life in Jesus Christ! 
We are built to last and we are God Strong!


Pastor Conda D. Ross, in July 2008, received from the Holy Spirit a vision to serve broken and hurting people as well as enrich the lives of families through living a life of Jesus Christ and biblical principles.  She submitted herself to 2 years of mentorship, guidance, Godly counsel, prayer and strategic planning and the manifestation of “A HOUSE OF PEACE MINISTRIES” (hereafter AHOPM), became official in 2010.


On January 9, 2011, Pastor Ross and her family members had the first service at her home in Arlington, Texas. The mission and commitment of this church became: To restore the broken, revitalize the weary and reconcile the divided in our community and the city abroad through Empowering families to lead the way to a complete life in Jesus Christ.


2011 – 2013, through prayer, Bible study, encouraging saints to flow in their gifts and door-to-door evangelism several ministries evolved. 

With dedication, determination and donations we offered monthly youth events, Feeding the Community Projects, Homegirl Huddle (empowering young girls) and Joshua’s Army (empowering young boys), Blankets of Love (for the homeless) and partnered with Brighter Tomorrows Women Shelter.  With God’s favor we relocated to a facility in Grand Prairie, Texas.


2014 -We continued the mission of the vision given to Pastor Ross and God increased us in membership and leadership.  2015 -Our first class opened for training Deacons and Evangelist. 2016 -Pastor Ross ordained, 1 Deacon and 2 Evangelist.  2017 –We had our first 3-day revival with a Venue Jam (a night for our youth to sing, dance and get their praise on to God, Millennium Style, and partnered with Lifeline Shelter for Homeless Families and Children in Grand Prairie Independent School District, and a host of willing workers outside of our ministry.

2018-2022 we have ordained leaders to serve as Prophetess, Evangelists, and Deacons.  We are walking out our motto “Built to Last - God Strong” and the ministries that were once our future endeavors are up and operable today.  We are grateful to God for his favor as we pivoted to virtual and hybrid services, adopted our sister church in Zambia, Africa, remodeled our church with carpet and electronics to assist with streamlining communication. 

Our 2023 - 2024 thrust is Making a Difference through Faith, Hope & Love which will focus on three pillars: community, education, and finances. Our goals and aims are to Move in Love and Action by to creating spaces to ensure impact in our community through partnerships and collaborations with Carter BloodCare, MetroCare, local police departments, schools, and Texas Health Resource throughout reach to the homeless community, and Community Conversations in the Dallas/Tarrant County areas while bringing awareness to Grief Counseling, HIV, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Breast and Prostate Cancer because We Get it with Service, Compassion and Love.

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