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A House of Peace Ministries - Empowering Families to Lead the Way!
Our Mission Statement
A House of Peace Ministries was established by God to restore the broken, revitalize the weary and reconcile the divided in our community.  We are committed to "Empowering families to lead the way" to a complete life in Jesus Christ in our homes, careers, and communities by providing ministry that is supportive and connected to the realities of our lives.
Our Vision
Our vision is to train, equip and organize families to grow to together, for ministry, building on the full range of spiritual gifts by integrating discipleship, evangelism, and social action through prayer, Biblical studies and serving the people we meet day by day.
Our Values
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Commitment
Our Location
Parc Oak Plaza
2305 Oak Lane Suite 100 Bldg 4C
Grand Prairie TX 75051
First Name
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A House of Peace Ministries 
Conda Ross, Pastor ♦ P.O. Box  180698 Arlington, TX 76096-0698 ♦
Contact# (469) 520-5233
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